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When I Started Fucking Daddy

The day that I started fucking daddy started off innocently enough. I took my usual morning shower, but when I was done I realized that I had left a change of clothes in my bedroom.

So I did my best to wrap a towel around my body. But my tits are really big and my hips are shapely, and it was impossible to completely cover up.

That meant that I had to walk to my room with my jumbo tits practically falling out, and the fear that my ass was partially exposed.

To make matters more embarrassing, daddy came out of his room and saw me.

Daddy’s an unassuming guy, but he’s got a really hot body. His social media page is filled with inspiring photos of him getting sweaty during triathlons.

He stopped me to wish me good morning, and things were very different. I know that he likes to look at me, but this time he was focused entirely on my tits.

He was wearing slim boxers and his large dick started to grow, stretching the material.

I held the towel against my chest, but his dirty looks and burgeoning cock made me feel kind of nice. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I liked it.

I let the towel slip a little bit to advertise more of the mammoth curves of my bust, making his cock grow very fast. I was really surprised by it, and how it made my mouth water and my pussy drool.

He asked me if I knew why it was getting big, and I said that I did. Then he asked me if I wanted to see it. We both knew that was wrong, but I still said yes.

He took me by the hand to his room. I was having trouble keeping the towel around my body, and it fell just as we entered his room.

The shades were drawn and it was dark, and I was naked in his bedroom, feeling his strong essence all around me. It made me want to touch myself and I caressed my tits.

He dropped his shorts and his upright cock sprang out. It was even bigger than I expected and very enticing.

There was a moment when neither of us knew what to do. He had an incredible, ravenous look in his eyes, and I was playing with my tits.

He reached out to touch me, but not without asking first. He made me feel very comfortable.

I took his hands and put them on my breasts, and he grabbed my globes and pinched my nipples with his large hands.

That gave him the boldness to touch my pussy. I was tender and sensitive, and I couldn’t stop feeling that my tits and pussy were made for him to enjoy.

He asked if I felt okay with him touching me like this, and my response was to put my hand around his dick.

It was huge. I couldn’t even get my hand around it.

We played with each other for a while and then he said that he wanted to put his dick in me, if that was alright.

The bed was still unmade, but very inviting.

I said that I wanted to, but what would happen if someone found out, and he said that there was no reason for us to tell anybody.

I lay on the sheets of his bed on my stomach. It had the sweet scent of his cock, and I naturally raised my hips, offering him my pussy.

He paused for a moment, running his throbbing cock head around my clit. I couldn’t tell if he was teasing me or having second thoughts. It didn’t matter though because either way it felt amazing.

My juices were dripping down my thighs and we reached the point where I wasn’t going to let him stop.

“Put it in, daddy. My pussy is so horny for your cock,” I said.

He filled my pussy with his hard cock to a wonderful effect.

I felt him groan, and I groaned into his sheets. My young cunt stretched wide, taking all of his hard-on.

My vagina had the most pleasant sensations imaginable, and when he started thrusting in and out, I grabbed the bed sheet and pumped my hips back to meet his strokes.

My eyes clenched shut as I enjoyed his hammering erection, and I did my best to breathe as my climax rose up.

His pace quickly picked up as I came and my convulsing pussy gripped his hard cock. Then his body jerked and he joined me in climaxing.

His dick was rock hard and exploding in me. I guess he really liked my pussy.

I told him that I wanted all his cum inside me.

Finally, with a hard moan he rode out the remaining strokes of his orgasm and collapsed next to me, exhausted.

He said that was the most amazing experience of his life, and I agreed.

After a rest, I sucked his cock back to life. The full experience of him getting hard in my mouth is indescribable. It tasted so fucking amazing.

He didn’t last very long before he came. He pulled his cock out and splattered my tits with his sperm. Then he went down on me and licked my pussy.

I came several times.

We were already running late and it was time to start our day. I didn’t bother showering again, which turned out to be a blessing because I loved the feeling of daddy’s dried cum on my tits.

It’s been three months now, and we haven’t stopped fucking. He’s so good and I live to feel his cock in my pussy.

I have a special relationship with daddy, and I hope it never ends.