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I Needed Good Dick, So I Acted Like a Depraved Whore

I’m a 31-year-old married woman, and I’ve been faithful to my husband every day—except for one.

It was about ten years ago when I was a young, dumb bitch. We had only been married for a little while, and we were both being emotional and got into a big fight.

It was intense, and instead of continuing to argue, I decided to go to the office and clear my head while clearing up some of my workload.

My boss, Erik, was there too, working on a big business deal that was about to go down. He and I were the only two people in the office, and we kept looking over at each other and smiling.

Erik was middle age, sophisticated, smart, and good-looking. When he smiled at me, I melted, but I never intended to get dicked down in a way that made me question every aspect of myself.

There was a lot of flirting between us, and I was dressed casually, so I was showing more of my young curves than a usual day in the office.

I have big, fat titties, curvy hips, and a great round rump, and Erik was looking at them with lust in his eyes.

Then, the friendly flirting turned more serious. I guess I instigated it. I went to his office to ask about a client, and as I was leaving, I wiggled my ass in his direction.

I don’t know what I thought I was doing, but I was still so mad at my husband, I wasn’t thinking straight.

He stood behind me and started rubbing my arms and shoulders, and instead of recoiling away from him, I leaned back against him, and that’s when I felt it—his huge dick.

I had never felt anything like it, and I rubbed my ass against it.

“You know,” he paused as he moved his hands to my waist. “I think about you often.”

“Really?” I said, a little breathily.

“Yeah,” he said, slipping his hands to my tummy, just about ready to hoist up my breasts.

My eyes rolled back, and he slightly raised his hands and scooped my huge gals into his palms.

He went from holding my breasts to helping me off with my top and bra, and he began tracing around my nipples, cupping my pendant boobs and squeezing them firmly.

Erik followed that up by kissing my neck, shoulders, and that spot just between my shoulder blades.

Up to that moment, I hadn’t realized how much my husband had neglected me.

I walked toward his desk, pulling down my jeans and panties as I went, and fully naked, I crawled onto it.

He followed right behind me, putting his face against my ass and pussy, licking the split of my cunt and the pucker of my ass.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” he said.

Suddenly, he took off his pants exposing his dick, and I understood what he meant. He was huge, like the size of my arm.

Then he started to caress the curves of my back and ass, getting behind me and rubbing the massive crown of his dick on my pussy.

I waited nervously for him to enter me. How I had gotten to this moment, how I had let it get this far, I didn’t even know.

I just knew that my husband was probably home, sulking, and I was about to enjoy the monster cock of another man.

“Come on baby, put it in my pussy,” I said, my breathing getting erratic as he pushed into me.

My cunt was so fucking stretched, it was unbelievable, and I told him that I liked that big hard cock sliding in and out.

Gradually he picked up the pace, and he was so rapid now, he made my pussy quiver, which felt fucking awesome.

Before I knew what was happening, I came, all over my Erik’s massive cock.

I asked him to get out of me and to lie down on the floor so I could ride him, and he gladly did that. He was lying on his back and I was on my knees hovering over his rock-solid erection.

My pussy was literally drooling, dripping thick strands onto his cock. I was so wet his cock slid right into me.

I could hear the squishy sound of my cunt as I fucked him and came on his dick for a second time.

“Oh God, my pussy belongs to you,” I said with shaking moans, and then I started babbling that I just wanted to be with him, be his lover or his slut or his whore, anything and everything.

“I’ll fuck whoever you tell me to!” I shouted.

With that, Erik picked me up and sat me on his desk, pumping in and out of me for several more minutes, playing with my tits, and squeezing my nipples until he felt me give it up and have another orgasm.

My pussy was so horny for that cock!

I could tell that he was weak in the legs and about to come.

“Come on, take what you want. Take my pussy!”

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in deep as he came.

He was filling me with his seed, and all I could do was grasp his hair as he did.

After he was done, I cuddled with him with my face against his chest, and he asked me if I really meant what I had said.

I told him that I said a lot of things.

“The thing about fucking anyone I tell you to.”

I just about quivered at my answer as I said yes under my breath.

“Good. Go home and get freshened up and come to my place around 9,” he said with a purpose. “There are some guys who I know will want to meet you.”

I went home, spending most of the afternoon avoiding my husband, and when it was time, I showered and dressed.

I put on a mini skirt with leggings, a thin camisole crop top (without a bra) and I covered that up with a business jacket.

Telling my husband the bare minimum, that my boss needed me for a business meeting, I left him to wonder what I would really be doing on a Saturday night.

A couple of blocks from Erik’s place, I parked the car and took off my jacket and leggings. He had me feeling so depraved, I wanted to play the part of the whore as close to reality as I could, right down to the fuck me heels, the sway of my ass, and the bounce of my big braless breasts.

He had invited three gentlemen in all, their names are not important. In fact, nothing about them is important. They were just three guys with hard dicks who wanted an easy lay.

And that was me.

They spent 20 minutes asking me about myself, but I only gave them vague answers, deflecting any specific personal questions back at them.

Then I asked, “Are we ready to get started?”

Before they answered, I walked away from them to Erik’s bedroom. I lifted off my top and tossed it away, walking with the biggest sway I could with the hope that they’d be able to see my breasts wobble (even though my back was to them.)

When they joined me, I was sitting on the bed, legs crossed and tits out. There was a quick discussion about who would go first, but I opened my legs and said, “Why not all at the same time?”

Like I said, there wasn’t anything special about them. They were decent-looking guys with decent-looking cocks. I was more interested in being that depraved whore for Erik.

Soon, I was surrounded by them, hands tugging on my breasts and nipples, lips kissing me, and fingers probing my pussy.

I was so turned on that I came on one of their hands, squirting as I reached my full orgasm.

At this point, they were pulling off my skirt and panties, and I was naked.

Then they got out of their clothes and they started to get a little bit rough with me, but I didn’t mind. They weren’t abusive or anything like that.

One guy was quicker than the other two, and he was on top of me before they were naked.

Another guy wasn’t about to wait for him to finish, turning my head to the side and putting his dick in my mouth.

They were cool with each other, taking turns on my pussy and occasionally fucking my mouth to stay hard.

I kept moaning, opening and closing my eyes, and just having the time of my life letting these guys use my holes.

Soon, and without warning, the guys started coming on my tits.

I squeezed my globes together with my arms while one by one, the guys stroked and groaned and squirted their life-affirming sperm all over me.

After a while, they just stopped as they had no more cum to give me, and I was lying there just smiling at them while massaging my breasts.

Erik had the last shot of the night, fucking my tits and then coming on my face.

“I want your load all over my face, baby,” I said, licking, tasting, and just plain enjoying the warmth of his sperm on my skin.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I couldn’t keep working for my boss and stay married, so I immediately quit my job and never told anyone about this.

Until now.

That’s because my husband heard rumors about me, and I had to tell him the whole story.

I thought that he would be outraged, but he was turned on beyond belief.

The first night after telling him my story, he fucked me all night, and he was hard as a rock, even after coming.

And it’s gotten better!

He said that he’s always had a fetish for being cucked, but he was afraid to mention it to me, so now I’ve reached out to my old boss and his huge cock, and together we’re going to show my husband how a real cock fucks my soft cunt.