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My Daughter-In-Law Enjoyed My Big Hard Cock in Her Tight and Wet Pussy

I’m a 41-year-old man and my daughter-in-law Mia is 23.

She’s a gorgeous young woman who has ash blonde hair, remarkable legs, and stunning lips. She also has a pioneering personality that manifests itself in her desire to try new things.

Recently she started staying with me, just the two of us.

My son travels a lot for business, leaving Mia home alone. And as for me, my wife and I divorced many years ago, so I’ve been alone for a long time.

This last business trip, Mia said that she didn’t want to be alone and asked to stay with me. I thought it would be nice to have a beautiful young woman around the house, but the problem started the moment she arrived.

You see, she’s not shy about flaunting her marvelous ass and massive breasts around me. It’s been hot lately, and she’s been wearing very little clothing around the house.

In fact, this afternoon she was walking around in short shorts, a little halter top and no bra.

Her ass was hanging out of her shorts and her tits were bouncing with impure energy.

She had no idea what she was doing to me and as evidence of it, last night she crawled into my bed in nothing but her panties, complaining that it was hot and she couldn’t sleep.

It was too dark though, so I couldn’t see her tits. But in the morning when I woke up, she was still asleep on her side with her back to me.

I was admiring the curves of her back, waist, and hips when my cock started to rise.

I lost all control, putting my hand on her curvy hip, and then her delicate waist.

I didn’t know what was going to happen next. She seemed awake, but she didn’t make a sound. But then she pushed her hips back toward me, and I responded by lying on my side and touching her ass with the tip of my hard cock.

It was a HUGE risk, but one that paid off.

She let out an appreciative whimper and pushed her ass against my cock. The little slut inside of her started to awaken as she began to moan and rub her ass against my dick.

“You want my pussy, don’t you? Take it,” she said.

I put my hand into her panties and felt her pussy. She was drooling, and as I fingered her, she pulled down her underwear.

She reached back and grabbed my cock still in my shorts, pulling it out and lining it up with her swollen pussy.

I was about to fuck my son’s wife, and instead of feeling guilty, I was eager and ready.

Without any hesitation, I grabbed onto her hips and plunged deep into her, feeling every intricate detail of her fuckhole.

“I knew you had a big, hard dick,” she said as she rubbed her clit. “Now fuck me with it.”

We moved our hips in rhythm on the bed.

I was still behind her and couldn’t see her breasts, but the feel of her pussy was fantastic and it didn’t take long before I came.

While I was coming, she told me that she was a cum slut and to fill her up, and I did just that.

Then when I was finishing, she started rubbing her clit and coming on my cock.

Her orgasm sent her upper body convulsing and twisting, and I finally got to see her heavy breasts when she rolled onto her back.

They were gorgeous and sexy, and I started to suck on them. She grabbed the back of my head and held me onto her tit while her body finished squirming with seductive lust.

Despite what we did, we didn’t waste any words to talk about our feelings or to remind each other that this was just between us.

We rested, and about fifteen minutes later, I was ready for another round with her slutty pussy.

I pulled off my shorts and got on top of her, and after a little bit of kissing, I was hard enough to slip my dick back into her.

Needless to say, she was soaked, and she grabbed my ass and pulled me down into her.

I gave her the kind of fucking I had always wanted to, slamming my hips down and driving my cock in and out of her hot sweet fuckhole.

“Oh fuck, give it to me. That’s what I need!” She said.

Her pussy was on fire, and eventually she came again on my dick.

When she was done, she looked into my eyes and asked me if I wanted to fuck her doggy-style.

I told her that was my favorite position, and she went onto all fours and raised her sweet twat for me.

Doggy-style with her was the best; the way her ass bounced when I slammed into her, and the ease with which I could reach under her and explore her tits.

“Yeah, fuck that loose pussy, daddy, fuck it good,” she said.

Next thing I knew, I was dragging her to the edge of the bed where I stood on the floor and fucked her with a vengeance, using the entire force of my body.

With so many hard plunges of my hard cock, I needed a little break, so I pulled out and told her to give me a little show and twerk her ass for me.

I loved watching her ass wobble as she threw her hips up and down.

She had the best ass and pussy around, and I put my thumb on her asshole while I put my cock back in her pussy.

I gently played with her holes for a brief moment, and then I went to town, pounding her cunt while thumbing her ass.

I said that she was a fucking slut, and she had the hardest orgasm of the morning.

“Your hard cock makes me a fucking slut!” She said as her ass and pussy clenched.

I was within seconds of my own orgasm, and I directed her to get into position to let me come in her pretty mouth.

She eagerly positioned her head on the edge of the bed, looking up at me, with her mouth open and ready to receive my sperm.

“Yes, yes, daddy, yes,” she said as I started to dump cum into her mouth. “All in my mouth please, daddy.”

It was a wet, messy cum shot. Most of my semen ended up in her mouth, but much of it coated her lips and chin. And she was genuinely grateful for it, licking her lips while caressing her boobs with excitement.

It turns out that she knew exactly what she was doing, and now that she has me primed to give her my hard cock, we’ll spend a lot of time fucking together until my son comes home.