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Fucking My Brother’s Bored Girlfriend

My brother’s girlfriend, Laura, is a 21-year-old bored slut who loves to fuck.

The other night, she hit me up on social media and asked if she could come by my place to hang out.

I was already hanging out with my friend Marco, but she didn’t mind if he was there and texted that she’d be over in ten minutes.

I like Laura a lot, she’s sincere and understanding, and we’ve had our share of intimate conversations, especially when I’m having girl trouble.

She has a great body as well, and I don’t mind any chance to get a look at her sexy hips, gorgeous round butt, and immense breasts.

She usually dresses provocatively, which I had assumed that my brother liked, but turned out not to be true, as I found out a little bit after she arrived.

She came over flaunting her body more than usual, dressed in a mini skirt, a clingy tank top, and no bra.

When I saw the curves of her breasts, I couldn’t resist taking a good, long look. Marco too.

Laura caught us staring. I apologized and then elbowed Marco whose eyes were still locked onto her gigantic titties.

She laughed and said that she didn’t mind the stares. Although, she confided that my brother hates it when she shows off her body.

“Especially my boobs,” she said with a crack of disappointment in her voice. “He always thinks I’m showing them off too much.”

She sat between us on the couch and confided that she always wanted my brother to share her with another guy, but every time she brings it up, he gets mad.

Then she put her hands on our knees and started caressing.

Marco was looking at me to see what I was going to do. I looked back at him because I had no idea.

I said that my brother is a conservative guy, and she agreed, saying, “That’s what I love about him, but sometimes I wish he was a little more fun.”

She started to share more about her kinks, and the more she talked, the higher up our legs her hands went until she was right up near our dicks.

It was so hot that I could feel the pre cum of my enraged dick leaving a wet spot in my pants.

The next thing I know, she’s kissing me, then Marco.

I tried to back out of it, but Marco had no such qualms, cupping her heavy boob while making out with her.

She kept trying to get me to touch her by grabbing my hand and putting it on her other boob, but I pulled it away.

As much as I wanted to feel her amazing tits, I couldn’t stop thinking that I was helping her cheat on my brother.

Not waiting for me, she took off her top and sat in Marco’s lap, putting her incredible jugs in his face.

She cupped her tits in her hands and showed him her rock-hard nipples, teasing me by saying, “If you don’t want any of my tits, your friend can have both.”

Marco looked at me and said, “What can I do?”

He started to suck and play with her tits, while I watched.

The curves of her naked upper body were perfect, and I started to get jealous when she wrapped her arms around Marco’s neck, letting her tits rest against his jaw.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she said, “Oh yesssss, suck on my titties.”

Marco moaned as Laura rubbed her pussy against his crotch.

I was unable to control my arousal and started opening my pants. I can hardly believe what happened next, for, despite my earlier reservations, I dropped my boxers and let my cock pop out.

“Oh my God, you’re so much bigger than your brother,” she said, putting her hand on my cock and wrapping her fingers around it to gauge its size.

My cockhead was slathered in pre-cum, and Laura leaned over to lick it.

“Mmm, yummy,” she said and went from licking my tip to sucking on it.

Fuck, it felt so good.

At this point, we hurried to the bedroom where we took our clothes off and fell onto the bed.

She spread her legs and Marco ate her pussy. I lay next to her, letting Marco get right at her amazing cunt. I hugged her and she kissed me, and I sucked on her big tits.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun,” I said.

She nodded and her eyes looked up to mine, and we shared a long kiss. Then, I went down and took my turn eating her pussy.

Her cunt was so hot and wet, and I could taste her sopping juices on my tongue.

She looked at me and smiled, as I kissed her mound. Soon enough, she was heartily aroused and said, “I’m ready for your cocks.”

She was deep in sexual excitement and ready to pleasure us, rolling onto her stomach and putting Marco’s cock near the entrance of her mouth.

Then she grabbed the head of his cock with both hands and put her lips around his enormous cockhead.

I grabbed her slender waist and raised her hips. She was busy sucking Marco’s cock while I pressed my dick against her pretty little pussy.

I was turning her on to the point where she was raising her hips to meet my dick. I lifted her onto all fours, and Marco and I fucked her from both ends.

I can’t say how long she lasted, but pretty soon, she was coming on my dick.

She begged me to let her finish before I ejaculated, but I couldn’t, spilling my seed into her pussy. Now it was Marco’s turn.

He landed behind her and mounted her cunt.

She came and came, as he gripped her hips with every eager thrust. I had fun watching her creamy jugs dancing about.

Marco started pouring his cum into her pussy. Laura reached her arms up to his head, and he held onto her tits. They were having a good time together.

We rested for about fifteen minutes and Marco was ready for more. He fucked Laura in the missionary position, burying his cock into her welcoming pussy.

After about twenty solid minutes of fucking (and several orgasms from Laura), Marco came deep in her.

I was hard again, and Laura said it was my turn. I lay on top of her and unloaded my sperm into her vagina while she slowly came down from her orgasm.

Marco and I were spent, but Laura took time to masturbate. She said the hottest part of getting filled with cum is the feeling in her pussy while she plays with her clit.

She wasn’t focusing on Marco or me, and after a couple of minutes, her pussy began quivering again, gushing her juices onto the bed.

I didn’t want her to leave, but she had to, dressing up in her skimpy outfit and going to who-knows-where to get more cock.

My brother doesn’t know that his girl is a dirty whore, and I’m not going to tell him, because the next chance I get, I’m going to fuck her lovely pussy.