Breeding the Babysitter

Breeding the Babysitter
Tags: Babysitter, Cum Slut, Teen
Publisher: FYEO Publishing
Publication Year: July, 2019

The Tysons are certain that they found the perfect young slut to breed, but will the babysitter spread her legs for Mr. Tyson's cock?

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About the Book

The babysitter is at her most beautiful, with her fat young tits and swollen hips that were made for breeding. Mr. Tyson is an attractive man with an exciting smile and magnetic sexual appeal, but she doesn’t use birth control and shouldn’t allow him to fuck her fertile pussy.

The Tysons had been looking for years for a young slut to help with their fertility problem, and Halle is one of the best prospects they have ever encountered. Her perfect thighs, naturally fertile hips, and young womanly shape are everything they desire. Add to that a sweet personality and a generous pair of tits, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to breed the innocent babysitter.

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