My Son’s Fantasy

My Son’s Fantasy
eBook: $3.99
Tags: Incest, Mom
Publisher: FYEO Publishing
Publication Year: Jan, 2023

Every son of a certain age has fantasies about his mom, but very few are lucky enough to fulfill them.

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About the Book

The twelve young men in this compilation find out what a mom should be like; a cum hungry slut who goes after his dick like a sex crazed animal. These moms cannot control their urges as their insatiable lust for their son’s dick overtakes them.

You’ll find that these mothers are as far removed from motherliness as it’s possible to be. That said, you won’t give a fuck as you read about them feasting on their son’s cock before opening up their legs to receive every inch of throbbing dick their offspring has to offer.

All of which soon results in a plethora of jizz that could even cause them to be mothers again if they’re not careful.