Neglected Wives Find Bliss

Neglected Wives Find Bliss
Tags: Cum Slut, Facial, Slut Wife, Wife Sharing, Wife Watching
Publisher: FYEO Publishing
Publication Year: November, 2015
Length: 10,900 Words

You'll shudder with pleasure at the bawdy acts these neglected wives perform in order to remind themselves what it means to be a real woman.

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About the Book

In the first story, a shunted woman finds her husband in the throes of self-gratification, so she explores her untapped lesbian desires in front of him, as well as a handful of other burgeoning men. Then, a forgotten wife spends the night with two huge, stiff men who introduce her to kinky desires she never knew existed. Next, an ignored curvaceous hottie looks to an older man to satisfy amorous needs that her husband cannot, and in the climactic story, an unfulfilled wife seeks a variety of enlarged men, taking several shots of their glory on her delectable face.

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