Pervy Vixens Get Facialized

Pervy Vixens Get Facialized
Tags: Anal, Cum Slut, Double Penetration, Facial, Slut Wife
Publisher: FYEO Publishing
Publication Year: July, 2015

Devin Brees brings you four lust-filled tales of women who passionately desire to have their faces decorated with hot, sticky liquid.

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About the Book

Down and Dirty Girl Gets a Double

Mr. Milburn comes home to find his son’s friend on the receiving end of an intense oral pleasuring from the beautiful Brittany. Encouraged to join, he and the young man give the abundant beauty ravenous blasts onto her perky face.


A Lustful Agreement

Larry kiddingly agrees to allow Zach to blast on his wife’s face, never imagining that Zach would actually bring up the agreement to Marianna. But when the pert woman shows interest, Zach ups the ante by requiring her to give-in to her husband’s other carnal desire, to bang her terrific rear end.


Facial Loving Wife Doubles Her Fun

Husband gets an impudent thrill when his sex-hungry wife shows interest in receiving the manly juice of their new mailman. He feels a shuddering energy when the mailman’s interest is reciprocated. And he embraces a lustful ecstasy when he and the new mailman give his wife’s face all of the protein rich liquid she can handle.


Housewife Becomes a Facial Addict

When the young stud at the pool supply store gives Alexus her first facial, her sex drive takes an animalistic turn as she desires more.

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