7 Sex Positions To Dominate The HELL Out Of Your Partner

Get in control, girl!

Feeling like taking control? There’s a lot of ways to exert your dominance in the bedroom.

7. The Lapdance

What guy doesn’t like a lapdance? Even if your lover’s never been to a club, this is your chance to fulfill one of his fantasies, and you get to control everything.

Tease him with a lapdance, then crawl on top of his lap and ride him as he sits. Use your body to twist and turn, like real lapdancers do, pushing your boobs into his face or grinding him with your hips and ass. Turn around and ride him from the back, too, so he gets to see you from all angles. Use dirty talk to whisper in his ear all the things you’re going to do to him,” says Sinclaire.

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Bree is learning to appreciate the use of a lap dance to get Dev all revved up.

Sex Tip #137– Masturbate till you are about to orgasm and then have sex | TheHealthSite.com

When you are just about to climax, ask your partner to penetrate you. Your partner will be all aroused and have an erection just by watching you masturbate so do not worry about turning him on. This will amplify the pleasure for both of you. As he penetrates you, go with the flow and allow yourself to reach the peak. You will soon feel your vagina contract, and your body stiffen.

Source: Sex Tip #137– Masturbate till you are about to orgasm and then have sex | TheHealthSite.com

This tip combines two of Bree’s favorite things, masturbation & penetration. She’s eager to give it a try.

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